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We understand that your insurance needs are different and unique, individual to you. That is why we want to talk with you and design a custom policy tailored to your specific needs. Whether you need car insurance for your new vehicle, home insurance to keep your dream home safe, or travel insurance for that once-in-a-lifetime vacation – we can help.

We pride ourselves on maintaining contact with our clients, so that as your life grows and changes we are able to adapt and change your insurance with you. Contact us so that we can start designing a plan for you!

Residential Insurance - Products - Baldwinson Insurance - Home Insurance - Winnipeg Manitoba Products – Residential Insurance

Your home is the most important purchase you can make.

Not only is a home a major expense, it’s also where we invest the most time and energy – decorating, picking out the right furniture, or choosing just the perfect size of television! The things we keep in our homes, in addition to our families, make having the right home insurance package ever more important.

Baldwinson Insurance works with four distinct home insurance companies:

Our relationships with these diverse insurance companies allows us to help you choose not only an affordable homeowner’s insurance package – but one with the right features to match your home and lifestyle. We will quote each company and review their specific prices and coverage plans with you, to help you make the most of your home.

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Keeping safe on the road isn’t just important – it’s the law.

No matter what kind of vehicle you drive, whether it’s a farm vehicle, car, truck, or heavy machinery, auto insurance is mandatory in Manitoba – for your safety, and for those who share the road with you.

Manitoba Public Insurance and their Autopac products are the only form of auto insurance in Manitoba. Our conveniently located offices and our long hours make registering and insuring your vehicles easy.

At any of our conveniently located offices, you can:

  • Register your vehicle
  • Renew your driver’s license
  • Get an updated photo for your license
  • Renew or change your Autopac coverage

Our friendly staff will be happy to walk you through the process and answer any questions you may have.

Get where you need to go safely, with Manitoba Public Insurance and Autopac.

Visit us today for more information, or to renew your coverage.

Commercial Insurance - Insurance Products - Baldwinson Insurance - Home Insurance - Winnipeg Manitoba Products – Commercial Insurance

Your business is as unique as you are.

The commercial insurance plan you select to keep it safe should be just as unique, to make sure all the bases are covered, and the business you have worked hard to grow can continue to do so in the event of an unforeseen problem.

In addition to our home insurance companies, Baldwinson Insurance Brokers has access to specialty markets, with solutions built ensure that your commercial insurance needs are met. We work with businesses of many sizes, helping to navigate the broad, complex options and find the right mix of insurance plans to keep the business, its owners, and employees safe.

We also work with businesses as they grow, to keep their insurance coverage in line with the company’s changing needs.

As hard as you have worked to grow your company, we will work equally hard to help protect it with carefully chosen commercial insurance solutions.

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Travel Insurance - Insurance Products - Baldwinson Insurance - Home Insurance - Winnipeg Manitoba Products – Travel Insurance

People travel for a lot of reasons – both for work and pleasure.

Conducting business with far-away clients, annual meetings or conferences may seem like less challenging trips than vacations to the tropics, or even road trips to familiar destinations. No matter the destination, making sure you’re protected in the event of an emergency or unexpected challenge can help you enjoy your trip much more thoroughly.

There’s no one better to trust with your peace of mind when travelling than Manitoba Blue Cross. The most recognized name in the province, their travel insurance packages include coverage for everything from accidents and illness, to trip and holiday cancellations. Manitoba Blue Cross insurance covers a wide range of incidents, where Manitoba Health coverage doesn’t apply.

Some of the packages available from Manitoba Blue Cross through Morris insurance include:

  • Individual trip coverage
  • Annual travel health
  • Tour coverage
  • Student travel health

Morris offers Manitoba Blue Cross travel insurance coverage exclusively; to make sure you are protected wherever you want to go.

Protecting yourself with comprehensive travel insurance can go a long way to preserve your peace of mind.

Contact Baldwinson Insurance for a quote today and enjoy your trip!